Your own branded Fun Money shop page

Introducing a new hassle free way for you to offer your clients personalised fun money created specifically for the fun casino industry.

We believe Personalised Fun Money is a great addition to Fun Casino entertainment. Creating top quality counterfeit customised currency is what we do!

Basically we are offering to create a branded personalised fun money shop page for your Company so that you can send your customers directly to us to design their fun money.

This means you can offer personalised fun money to your clients but don’t have to do anything – No need to administer, design or chop the fun money… We will do all of that for you!

This is all free, no strings, no charges to you, just discounts off our standard prices!  We are looking to form long term relationships with companies like yours…

Fun Casino companies!
***Discounted Prices***


Join us to offer your clients

Top quality fun money

We believe are the number 1 in counterfeiting fake customised bank notes for the Fun Casino industry in the UK!
Join us and get your own branded company shop page on our website….

To get us started, just fill in the form below – Its FREE and wont cost you a penny!

We’ll email you with prices and send you samples.

Let us know what value bank note do you give to guests currently - i.e. 50 / 100 / 1,000 etc...

How does it work?

1 – Register your interest

Fill in the form below and we do the following:

  • Create  fun money designs for your company
  • Post you samples your personalised fun money
  • Create your Fun Money shop page

Remember this is all free and you have nothing to lose….
Just fill in your details below.

2 – Place an order

Your client goes onto your shop page, uploads a photo and places an order.

We do all the admin and liaise with them directly,  You don’t need to do anything!

The admin process can take a while
(some clients are quite picky about their designs….)

Amendments are free of charge, we won’t print anything until your client is happy.

Through all of this, just put your feet up knowing you have provided a really good service for your client.

3 – Print & Delivery

Once your client is 100% happy with the design our bespoke counterfeit printing press will print and post the fabulous bank notes.

Standard practice is to post the fun money to you, so that you can take the money to the event and hand out to the guests.

The whole process takes 1-2 weeks depending on how busy we are.

If you client’s event is within 7 days, they will need to pay for SPEEDY DELIVERY in order for us to process in time.

Background – About us

We have spent many years producing fake personalised cash for Weddings, Birthdays and Corporate clients.

We started off with a dodgy Inkjet printer in our spare bedroom and an old guillotine where you had to cut 1 page at a time!!

Our operation has grown over the years; tweaking our designs, upgrading our equipment and training staff in the latest professional design software packages…
We have made many expensive mistakes too – Buying the wrong printers, using cheap ink, buying dangerous guillotines (almost lost a finger!!).…

Through all of this blood, sweat and development we have now finally found what we believe to be –
– The best professional ‘large sheet fed’ printer to print fake money
– The most realistic ‘bank note like’ paper to print on
– The most suitable print settings for producing the highest quality customised bank notes

Just as importantly we have also narrowed down our workflow, costings and administration meaning we can now provide a cost effective solution to take the hassle out of producing personalised fun money for you.

This means we can now pass these savings onto you and offer discounts to fun casino operators like you.

***Discounted Prices for Fun Casino companies!***

Fill in the form below or contact us for prices and more information