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Bank notes are neatly wrapped into bundles of 100 notes and bound with a money strap..

Personalised bank notes on the top and bottom of every bundle, blank notes in between.

We can customise any of the bank note design and add any logo, photo or wording you wanted.

Choose from:

  • 💷 Pound Notes
  • 💵 Dollar Bills
  • 💶 Euro Notes

Personalised your money straps for £20 for an added touch?


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What wording do you want on the notes – i.e – “Bank of ????” etc.
We can do anything you wanted… Describe any special design instructions?

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Fake bundles of personalised bank notes

The top and bottom note of each bundle is printed with your bespoke design… The notes in the middle are blank. Fake bundles are for those who want to show a big pile of cash but want to save money on the printing costs.

The bank notes are bundled up into 100 note bundles and bound with a money strap, just like in a bank… well a fake bank?!

Basically we design and print 2 of your personalised notes and put one printed note on the top and one printed note in the bottom of every bundle – so it looks like they are all the same bank notes however the 98 notes in the middle are all blank.  They are very realistic looking in the size of the bundles.

This is a cost effective way of bulking out your fun money order but without the price tag of printing every bank note.

Options –

Design – We can customise any aspect of the bank notes you wanted.  Include photo / logo / wording – Just describe what you wanted in the text box above and we’ll get to work.
Currency – Pounds / Dollars / Euros
Denomination – £5’s / £10’s / £50’s £1,000’s etc…
Quantity – Bulk orders classed as any order over 1,000 notes

Personalise your money straps – £20 for an added branded touch – We can use your company colours and add your logo?  If you click this option we will email you your options.


How many notes RRP
1,000 £45
1,500 £50
2,000 £55
2,500 £60
3,000 £65
3,500 £70
4,000 £75
4,500 £80
5,000 £85
5,500 £90
6,000 £95
6,500 £100
7,000 £105
7,500 £110
8,000 £115
8,500 £120
9,000 £125
9,500 £130
10,000 £135

How it works

Place your order and upload your logo or photo.  We’ll get to work and prepare a draft copy of your bank notes….
Once you are 100% happy with the design we’ll send to the printer shop and get them delivered.