Personalised Board Game Money


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Replace your board game money with bespoke personalised fake pound notes or dollar bills.

Our ‘Standard Monopoly pack’ replaces like for like the number of bank notes –
1’s / 5’s / 10’s / 20’s / 50’s / 100’s / 500’s

Choose from:

  • 💷 Pound Notes
  • 💵 Dollar Bills
  • 💶 Euro Notes

Increase the numbers of notes if you wanted a few extra or to make sure you have plenty if someone ‘breaks the bank’.

Choose your currency *


What wording do you want on the notes – i.e – “Bank of Mr & Mrs Smith” etc.
We can do anything you wanted… Any special instructions?

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Personalised Board Game money
Want to take you family boardgames to the next level?
Want to surprise a board game geek with their own personalised board game money?

Choose from Pound notes, Dollar bills or Euros.  We can customise any of the design and add any wording you wanted.

Our standard Monopoly pack will replace the same number of bank notes as in a standard Monopoly game with:
30 x 1's / 5's / 10's / 20's / 50's / 100's / 500's.
You are welcome to upgrade to larger quantity packs incase someone 'breaks the bank' or you just wanted a few extra.
See below prices:

  • 210 notes - Standard Monopoly pack = £40
  • 250 notes - Standard pack + = £45
  • 300 notes - Medium pack = £50
  • 400 notes - Large pack = £55
  • 500 notes - X-Large pack = £60
    (add £5 for double sided bank notes)

We will print into equal quantities 1's/5's/10's/20's/50's/100's/500's.  If you wanted different quantities then just let us know 😃

Standard order is for 1 photo, same design, same wording of  upto 7 bank note denominations.
Upgrade to have a different photo or design on each of your bank note denominations (add £20)

How it works

Place your order and upload your photo.  We'll get to work and prepare a draft copy of your bank notes.... Once you are 100% happy with the design we'll send to the printers and get them delivered.